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Selling 3 brand new Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye-Pencils, these are the smaller ones, not the full sized ones. Selling as I already have another Zero and Flipside, so I do not need these.
FYI full sized ones are 1.2g e 0.04 US oz., these are 0.8g e 0.03 US oz., except the last one which is 0.5g e 0.02 US oz.
Top: Flipside $11 mailed
Middle: Zero $11 mailed
Bottom: Zero (this is smaller coz this came in some set) $9 mailed

Swatches (swatched using the ones I have, not the ones I'm selling)
Top to bottom: Zero, Flipside, Electric (not for sale)

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(Deleted comment)
Sorry, they have both been sold